2 thoughts on “Enemies_at_the_Door_cover

  1. just read some of your work in living after midnight(hard and heavy)great read along with others and your homage to mr herbert was nice and pretty much reflected how i found his work,the cover of lair just made me want to it and once read you wanted more and he never disapointed,i still think the fog is the most shocking book i have read,will be trying some of the authors on your list but heres one for you if you have,nt heard pf him give him a go,robert rankin(apocalypso)ranks as my best read to date after finding his book whilst skiving work
    Keep up the good work and top marks on the web site,laid out well

    • Thanks. I’ll keep my eye out for the Rankin book. I know of him, but haven’t read any. Glad you enjoyed Living After Midnight.

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