Necrotic Tissue #14

The latest, and sadly final Necrotic Tissue horror magazine is now available. It contains my story “The Narcslaag” which was chosen as editor’s pick for issue #14: an unpleasant tale set in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

There is also new fiction from Fran Friel, Angel McCoy, M.P. Johnson, Robert Essig, Damien Walters Grintalis and many others. And I love Patrick McWhorter’s vicious and feral Easter bunny on the cover.

It’s available direct from the link above (and other back issues) and the usual places like Amazon and Amazon UK.

I’m very sad to see it go, this being my third publication with NT. Cheers to the editor R. Scott McCoy for creating a quality, paying magazine and persevering for as long as he did in such a tough market. Fortunately, his Stygian Publications is going to continue with the occasional release, one of which will be a Best of Necrotic Tissue anthology in which “The Narcslaag” will also feature.

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