I spotted this title on Zone Horror last night and guessed it was some kind of hokey, badly-acted, 70s Italian zombiefest, so smiled and got comfy.

Instead, it’s a 60s film I’d never seen starring Christopher Lee. Hokey it was, but in a Hammer Eurohorror kind of way.


Very loosely based on Poe’s Pit and the Pedulum, it’s about an evil Count who gets brutally quartered then comes back from the grave to wreak revenge on visitors to his castle. 

Okay, we’ve heard that one before (many times) but this offers some unintentional laughs, great atmosphere, a very addictive score and a big, wobbly polystyrene pendulum.

It’s rather slow-paced, but Lee is perfect as always, and everyone else hams it up wonderfully. The film is also known as various things, such as Blood Pit, The Snakepit and the Pendulum, and the delightful Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism.

Ah, they don’t name ’em like that any more. Never mind your Wrong Turns and Hostels, give us a title that drips blood as well.

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