REC (2007)

REC is a Spanish Blair-witch style film in which a couple of documentary makers follow the supposedly routine night shift of Barcelona firefighters. They get called out to an apartment block when screaming is heard from a locked apartment.

Scares, blood and nastiness ensue. I recommend watching it yourself to find out what this entails; any further details could only dampen the effect.

Well realised with realistic acting – essential in such a style of film – this is a haunting experience and a gem in a modern world of hackneyed and mundane horror movies; for once there is not a bland, pretty teenager in sight.

It isn’t desperately original, but the genre staples are expertly handled and it rarely lulls. It’ll make you jump even when you know a scare is coming and the climax is both creepy and breathtaking.

Don’t worry about the subtitles. Don’t google it. Don’t even read the back of the DVD.

Just watch this bad boy.

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